August 2022

It’s In the Stars! Discover the ‘HSMTMTS’ Cast’s Zodiac Signs IRL

It’s In the Stars! Discover the ‘HSMTMTS’ Cast’s Zodiac Signs IRL

HSMTMTS season 3 is set to release on July 27, and takes place at Camp Shallow Lake, a sleepaway camp in California, as the Wildcats and other campers stage a production of Frozen and determine who is best in show. “You know when you go away on vacation, and you let your defenses drop? I think that happens,” creator and executive producer Tim Federle told Entertainment Tonight in July 2022. “And then lots of crazy stuff rises to the surface. It’s a really joyful, breezy season with many songs but also new relationships and new characters that shake everything up.”

Most of the original Disney Channel cast is set to return, with Joshua BassettSofia WylieMatt Cornett, Julia LesterFrankie A. Rodriguez and Dara Reneé all making a comeback.

Olivia Rodrigo is also set to return for a guest appearance as Nini, but it will sadly be her very last season on the Disney show.

“I think she’s ready to explore the world outside the halls of East High,” Tim said of Nini’s future. “And Olivia herself was having such a monumental explosion in the music industry that it felt like the right thing to, frankly, work with Olivia to say, ‘How do we get you out there into the world with us taking a little bit more of a backseat?’ Which we were all proud to do to support her.”

Along with the original members of the HSMTMTS cast set to return for season 3, there’s a few newcomers who will be introduced to the Wildcats! Meg Donnelly, who is known for playing Addison in the ZOMBIES movies, will star as Val in season 3. Other newcomers are Saylor Bell and Adrian Lyles, who will play Maddox and Jet, respectively. Both Saylor and Adrian revealed to J-14 that they were “nervous” before stepping on the HSMTMTS season 3 set, but ended up having “one of the greatest first days on set.” Adrian gushed,  “It was definitely a day that I’ll never forget, and it was a whole lot of fun because they are so supportive, and so welcoming.”

Who Is Meg Donnelly Playing in ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ Season 3? Details on Her Character Val

Who Is Meg Donnelly Playing in ‘HSMTMTS’ Season 3? Details on Her Character Val

Following her ZOMBIES 3 role, Meg Donnelly is gearing up to start in another Disney+ series! The actress is set to make a guest appearance in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 3. Meg is set to star as Val, “a confident and funny college student and longtime camper-turned-counselor-in-training, who is ready to choreograph the summer production of Frozen,” according to a January 2022 announcement shared via Deadline.

What Is High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 3 About?

“The Wildcats head to Camp Shallow Lake, a California sleepaway camp, where they and their fellow campers are primed for an unforgettable summer ripe with romance, curfew-less nights and a taste of the great outdoors,” the show’s official season 3 logline reads. “With a high-stakes production of Frozen on the horizon AND a drama-filled docuseries of the production, the Wildcats will attempt to show who is ‘best in snow’ without leaving anyone out in the cold.”

Talk about drama! Some of the original HSMTMTS stars will be reprising their roles with a bunch of newcomers joining the East High Wildcats.

Who Is Val on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 3?

Meg’s character is a Camp Shallow Lake regular and is gearing up to put her dance skills to the test when it comes to choreographing Frozen.

What Has Meg Donnelly Said About Playing Val in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 3?

“Everyone in the cast is just so welcoming, such a huge family,” the actress told J-14 exclusively in June. “I don’t know how I keep getting so lucky, because everyone in ZOMBIES is just so, so nice. And then everyone in High School Musical School is great.”

Meg also dropped a major teaser about her character.

“My character kind of stirs some drama up, which was really fun to kind of be a part of that,” she shared.

How to Watch High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 3?

The show’s highly anticipated third season premieres on Disney+ on Wednesday, July 27, with new episodes being released weekly.